GPS Tracking

GPS tracking in all of our trucks! We monitor our fleet online and enjoy the benefits of 24 hour surveillance of the location of your cargo. This info can be passed directly to you at the click of a mouse. You can have your own login identity to personally track your own shipment in "real time"!

Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard Cameras! Add to our commitment of quality control and safety to not only ensure our standard of excellence, but to help enforce and improve the quality of drivers.

Cross-Docking Capabilities

Cross-docking capability at our indoor facility located just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba at our head offices in the Town of Landmark. Should the need arise, we have the tools, equipment, and storage to service your demands in-house.

Green Technology

By investing in products that improve road safety and increase fuel efficiency, Plett Trucking is lowering its carbon footprint for not only you the customer or us the operator, but for the families driving alongside us on the road for the years to come.
GREEN is Great!


Professional, friendly service! We understand the importance of "on-time" delivery.

You expect it. We demand it. Our staff excels at it. 45 years of hauling perishable goods have kept us on our toes.



From dry goods to ice cream, eggs to flooring, electronics and everything else!

Plett Trucking has continued to expand over the years, and along the way we continue to update our fleet to include modern equipment that keeps us at the top of the industry.

20 Semi Tractors:  New models are being rotated each year and our fleet is kept current as part of our commitment to you the customer.  Benefit from the most reliable and efficient means of truck transportation possible.

Every one of our 25 Reefer Trailers and 20 Semi Tractors are installed with the most modern aerodynamic equipment available:

  • Trailer skirting
  • Truck fairings
  • Low-resistant tires
  • Monitored and controlled truck speeds

Plett Trucking would be honoured to be your carrier of choice anywhere in North America!